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Posted by Hen on August 18, 2012 in Health & Beauty |

So it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. A long while, I know. I’m not very good at keeping up I suppose. Who knew blogging could be so time consuming?

Anyways, first a little update on the no shampoo thing I was doing. I did find out the reason why the baking soda wasn’t working for me! It turns out that the baking soda doesn’t really dissolve that easily in hard water and the city I live in has pretty hard water :( The solution I found for this was to essentially boil the water for about 10 minutes (you will see a pool of white stuff at the bottom of the pot) then scooping out the “softened” water to use in my mix.

However this is just a HUGE hassle. Honestly showering is usually the last thing on my mind during the day. It’ll usually be maybe 10-11PM when I think, “Oh damn, I gotta shower”, so having to wait another 10 minutes to boil the water, then make my mixture, then wait for it to cool, and THEN finally shower really just isn’t ideal. I know, I could boil a giant batch one day and store it somewhere but I just haven’t really gotten around to buying a container to hold the mixture and it’s just not going to be that ideal once winter hits (who wants to rinse their head with freezing cold baking soda water?).

I also moved about 2 months ago and during that time it really was just too much trouble to bother with between packing and cleaning so I switched to trying an all natural shampoo. First I tried Alba’s Botanica Hawaiian Mango Shampoo. At first I liked it because it smelled great! But then later I realized it wasn’t a very good shampoo. For one thing I was having dandruff problems and I have never in my life had a problem with dandruff. With black hair, dandruff is just really embarrassing because it stands out so well! Another thing, it said it was sulfate free but I’m pretty sure its not as I saw the offending sodium lauryl sulfate ingredient in the list (though I cannot confirm this right now as I have long tossed the bottle).

Well a few weeks ago my sister recommended a shampoo by Shea Moisture. The one I got is their coconut and hibiscus one for curls (though I don’t have any curls). It was about $8-9 bucks at target and it smells delicious. Seriously it smells like candy. Best of all? It’s all natural and organic. The label has a list of all the things it doesn’t containing, including parabens and sulfates. It lathers quite nicely and leaves my hair clean and soft. Though not as soft as when I was still using conditioner. I don’t have to use a ton of this stuff either to clean my hair which is good because it’s not the hugest bottle.

Although the Shea Moisture shampoo is great I have recently been trying to get back into the baking soda thing again. This is partly because about 3 weeks ago I started running almost everyday and was showering everyday because of it. This seriously ruined all the work I had done to condition my scalp to not overproduce oils. I found myself going from 4 days without washing my hair to barely making it to 2. And I noticed that the oiliness I was getting that the gross dirty feeling kind, whereas before, even if my hair got oily, it still didn’t look that gross. So now I would like to get back on the no ‘poo track and try to readjust my scalp to normal oil production levels. I do not think I will boil water for a full 10 minutes though. Instead I’m going to experiment with heating at different time intervals with water that I have first run through a Brita (or in my case a Pur) filter (hoping that will soften it a little but who knows). I did this a few days ago and used the apple cider vinegar rinse and my hair just felt so much cleaner and softer than it did with shampoo!

In other news, since I liked the Shea Moisture shampoo, I decided to give their lotion a try as I have been looking for a good moisturizer. I picked this up at Target for around $8 bucks:

Shea Moisture Olive and Green Tea Lotion

And it’s great!! This stuff is super thick though – more like a thick cream than a lotion. I don’t know what they were thinking using this kind of bottle for it. It literally doesn’t move and is super hard to get out with this kind of bottle. A squeeze tube or one of those pot/jar things would be much better. It’s quite worth struggling to get it out though. Its very moisturizing and it’s not super greasy the way most lotions are. It also absorbs into my skin pretty fast which is nice because that means it also absorbs into my palms easily meaning I don’t have to wash my hands after applying lotion all the time. Also, like their other products this is all natural and doesn’t contain any: parabens, phthalates, paraffin, gluten, propylene glycol, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance (nice bonus! seems hard to find fragrance free stuff nowadays), PABA, synthetic color, DEA, or sulfates. And also no animal testing.

I’m not super strict on the no paraben and all natural/organic thing. It’s especially hard with makeup (I love my Missha BB cream!) unless I want to pay a ton, but I do try to reduce the amount of stuff I have that contains it.

I was using coconut oil as a lotion for awhile and while it’s great (there’s no denying the goodness of coconut oil), it’s just too messy and too oily for me. It does not absorb very well into my skin even if I use it while my skin is still damp and it doesn’t really glide on well either. Since it doesn’t absorb very fast, that means I can’t really use it in the mornings unless I want to feel greasy for the next few hours.

I have found that coconut oil is great for removing makeup! I always have the hardest time removing eyeliner and ever since I started using Urban Decay’s primer, I feel like I’m going into battle when I try to remove eyeshadow. I’m skeptical about eye makeup remover. For one thing I’m scared of getting it in my eye even if it’s suppose to be safe lol. Hovever, one of my friends mentioned that coconut oil removes makeup very easily so I’ve been using it on my eye makeup since! Plus its great for moisturizing the delicate skin around my eyes.

So, this post is getting a bit long now. I do have to apologize because this is not the infinity dress tutorial I promised. I WILL do that one. I have the pictures loaded on my computer; it’s just I’ve been too lazy to write it all up. I will post it eventually though!

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